Root vegetable puree

carrot-parsley root puree

We simply love puree from different kinds of vegetable. You can combine them as you like and find your favorite, imagination has no limits. ;) Purees are delicious with all kind of meat.

Our favourite combination is 1 kg carrot and 0,5 kg parsley root with 2 Tbsp ghee. (the photo)

Other good puree you can make e. g. from
– 2-3 sweet potatoes and 1 celery root with 150 ml coconut milk and 50 g ghee,
– 1 kg carrot and 4 red beetroots with 2 Tbsp ghee,
– 1 celery root and 0,5 kg carrot with 2 Tbsp ghee,
– 2 celery roots with 250 ml coconut milk and 2 Tbsp ghee,

Servings: 4.


  • root vegetable,
  • ghee and/or coconut milk,
  • salt,
  • pepper.


  1. peel vegetable and chop to smaller pieces,
  2. cook in a pot with a glass of water until it’s soft (20-25 minutes),
  3. add ghee and/or coconut milk, blend well and salt and pepper according to your taste.

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  1. Nice recipe i hope i will be able to to one of this

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