Easter eggs

Easter eggs

This year I decides to make paleo Easter eggs colored by natural ingredients. I found that there are many posibilities. I tried the method with onion peels for brown color, which I like the most, with red cabbage for the blue and with red beetroot for the pink.

The whole process wasn’t difficult and I think it ended well. :-) Although the beetroot made yellow-brown color instead of expected pink or red and the cabbage needed more time. The best way was that with onion peels, next year I am going to find also some new ingredients.


  • white eggs, 
  • vinegar,
  • flowers and leaves for pictures,
  • nylons (I recommend small socks, but also cut classic tights can be used)
  • peels of few onions (for brown)
  • red cabbage (for blue)
  • beetroot (for pink).


  1. clean eggs with vinegar,
  2. pull the nylon on your left hand, put some leave or flower to your hand and one egg on it,
  3. pull the nylon over the egg to press the leave or flower and make a knot,
  4. take a pot and put onion peels / chopped cabbage / chopped beetroot to it, add eggs and pour water to make all eggs covered by water and vegetable,
  5. boil for 5 – 8 minutes, ideally overnight,
  6. let it cool,
  7. take eggs from the pot, cut the knot and remove the nylon and leaves and flowers,
  8. wipe eggs and it’s done.

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