Homemade blackberry jam

30.10.2016 // 1 Comment

For pancakes or waffles, you will definitely find some opportunity to use a homemade fruit jam. It is super easy to prepare and you can make jam out of any fruit you like. ;) I tried jam from blackberries which are quite […]

Clarified butter / Ghee

20.2.2016 // 0 Comments

Clarified butter or ghee is pure milk fat without milk proteins, milk sugar and water. It is good for frying eggs or vegetables, for baking or in coffee Bulletproof. Make your own ghee at home. Just take some butter and lets go. ;) Ingredients: […]


20.2.2016 // 0 Comments

Really mayonnaise? Even if I want to lose my weight? Yes! If you make it from healthy oil you have healthy mayo. ;) Ingredients: 1 egg,  2 Tbsp lemon juice, 1 1/4 cup olive oil (not extra virgin), 1/2 tsp dried […]

Chocolate topping

16.2.2016 // 0 Comments

Super easy and delicious chocolate topping for your desserts. I love it on the ice cream. :-) Ingredients: 3 Tbsp coconut oil / cocoa butter, 3 Tbsp raw cocoa, 1 Tbsp sweetener (for example agave), pinch salt. Instructions: melt oil / butter in […]